Hello! Welcome to my CSSA Portfolio.

This portfolio is a capstone project created to synthesize the learning, development, and growth I experienced throughout my time studying in the College Student Services Administration (CSSA) Program at Oregon State University (OSU). Since I began my program in September 2013, I have developed an advanced understanding of higher education and student affairs that will assist me as I pursue my career in the field and continue to work with college student services. This portfolio serves as a tool to highlight what I have learned, how I have applied my knowledge, and how I will continue to grow and develop in the field related to the CSSA program’s core competencies, values, and principles.

As I compiled this portfolio, I reflected on my experiences over the past two years. Looking at the statement of objectives on my CSSA application, I see that my experience and understanding of student affairs were limited (Appendix A). Though my resume was rich with international educational experiences, I realized that developing a deeper understanding of student affairs and higher education would enhance my ability to work within the system of higher education in the United States (Appendix B). As I considered my essay for Section 5 of the CSSA application, I recognized that what I knew coming into the program was challenged and I continued to grow and progress as I developed stronger competence in the field of student affairs (Appendix C).

During my two years with CSSA, I have served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant with the Academic Success Center (ASC). Throughout this assistantship, I worked on a variety of projects including teaching ALS 116 Academic Success, writing content for the Learning Corner website, creating success video modules for a partnership with Ecampus, and managing outreach and presentations for the ASC. I have been able to use the skills I wrote about in my initial cover letter for the GTA position throughout my experience (Appendix D).

My primary internships while a student of the CSSA Program helped fulfill my area of specialization: international education. Initially, I served as a teacher for INTO OSU’s American Survival course, an orientation course for new INTO students (Appendix E). Following that experience, I spent July 2014 in South Africa learning about student affairs in South Africa with the NYU Steinhardt Global Program in Educational and Social Reform. I finished off my internships by working with International Student Advising and Services with international student orientation and the pilot Peer Mentoring Program.

I have included artifacts throughout this portfolio that demonstrate the learning and growth I experienced throughout my studies in the CSSA program. The artifacts are linked to appendices through green hyperlinks that you may also access through the artifacts tab in the navigation bar. You may also visit my Journey CSSA Blog where I posted reflections and thoughts on my experience throughout the year.

Thank you for taking an interest in my learning.

I am pleased to announce that on April 23, 2015, I passed my final portfolio defense and demonstration of competencies oral examination!


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